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Arthritis Strength Balance Mobility & Pain Relief

Knee and hip strength, mobility and pain management kit.

Catalogue No:OASF404

The in-home Stand Up To Joint Pain - Strength, Mobility and Pain Management kit is suitable for individuals who have knee and / or hip pain and reduced mobility and are motivated to implement their own in-home strengthening, mobility and education program or are already under the care of their local physiotherapist.

The program has been expertly developed to integrate:

  • Strength and Mobility: Targeted strength, balance and mobility exercises to help stabilise joints and improve mobility.
  • Pain management: Complementary pain management techniques and strategies.

The program includes:

  • Detailed Stand Up To Joint Pain instruction and education book with step by step instructions for over 40 graded exercises.

  • Step-by-step instructional videos that match the book. View sample video above (new series available from May 2020)

  • Resistant exercise tubing for use during some of the exercises.

  • Hot/cold pack for short term relief of pain and stiffnes

More information.

Price: $61.95* AUD

Knee and hip strength, mobility and pain management kit.Qty
Osteo Management Hot Cold Pack

Hot and cold gel pack – to help you better manage your pain.

Price: $10.95* AUD

Osteo Management Hot Cold Pack Qty
Handles for Resistance Tubing

Catalogue No:OARH3111

The comfortable foam handle uniformly distributes the pressure across the hand. Simply thread band/tubing through the foam covered rigid handle & tie the band/tubing into a loop to secure it.

Price: $21.95* AUD

Handles for Resistance TubingQty
Handbook for Knee & Hip Strength Balance & Mobility

Catalogue No:OAWB001

A simple to follow workbook with clear pictures and instructions for 3 levels of graded knee and hip exercises.

Price: $29.95* AUD

Handbook for Knee & Hip Strength Balance & MobilityQty

* - indicates taxable supply (price includes GST).

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