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This is my story...

These inspirational members have kindly shared their personal stories with the hope of motivating others. 


Here are a few of the many happy stories people have sent to us telling us all about their success with the Healthy Weight For Life Programs.

Shelley at week 11 - August 2019

I am so glad I did this programme it has given me the tools with exercise to stay mobile and enjoy an active life . My pain is moderate and I can manage this pain and have active life . I will always do these exercises as they have got me off my walking stick and walking 4 km a day now 7 days a week 
I am able to manage portion control and have now invested time in meal plans . My weight has plateaued but I have toned up and feel very fit and healthy with more energy . This is something I will do for life . The books have been very helpful.

Glenn at week 18 - July 2019

Every aspect, the shakes, the taste, the support, the program, the people at HWFL on phone, the literature the weight and waist loss. The single biggest and best thing I have done for my health in last 20 years.

Bronwyn at week 18 - July 2019

I have gone from being a depressed person in constant pain and therefore unable to do much of what I would like to do to now feeling much happier, while I am aware of my knees I don't have constant pain and I am now confident to undertake more activities. The bonus is I have lost weight and will continue to follow the healthy lifestyle as it is easy to maintain and the eating program easy to follow. I have loved the past 18 weeks. I am so grateful for this program it has been life changing.

Jennifer at week 19 - July 2019

The program has been wonderful. I tell a lot of people about it - esp when they comment on my weight loss. About weight - Kick Start is a good term. Loss of weight is almost immediate and so shows you that it can be done. Going through my health fund gave me confidence that the program was not 'faddish' and that proper nutrition would be maintained...The exercise program - again, confidence in the exercises being specific for knee/hip and also age related.

I try to play golf with my husband…we recently played on our little local course and we had not taken a buggy. The course had run out of buggies for hire, so we decided to share carrying the bag of clubs. It is lightweight and we took turns. After about hole 6 I was feeling the weight, and was tired of it. My knee was hurting…I wondered how heavy the bag was. When we arrived home, I put it on the scales. It weighed 9.5kg. By that stage, I had lost 10 kgs. So the bag was equivalent to the extra weight I had been carrying around before the program. Bit eye-opening.

Sherryl at week 18 - July 2019

From the first phone call it has been a wonderful experience. Everyone is so helpful & my knee is so much better.
We thank you both (Medibank Privtate and Prima Health) for sponsoring us on this program. Our lives are so much improved & PAIN free. 
I thought I would be in pain & have limited movement for the rest of my life. Now I haven’t taken pain relief for months. With 30 internal steps in our townhouse it has been so beneficial to be able to use them without dread.

Kaylene at week 18 - June 2019

I feel that it has taught me a lot about my attitude to food. It has changed my thinking in what should be in my pantry and other alternatives I can try.
I feel that Medibank Private is trying to make sure that I am healthy and just don’t need them in times of illness.
It has changed the way I view food

Colleen at week 13 - July 2019

Since participating in this programme I have been able to lose several kilos which I believe has made a big improvement with my mobility. I have enjoyed being able to go for walks more comfortably than I have in a long time. I wish that I had participated prior to my knee replacement as I feel I could have put it off for a bit longer. I still need my second replacement but due to this programme I believe that I can delay this for a bit longer. Very happy to date with results and would recommend programme to others. Thank you for this opportunity.

Suzanne at week 19  - June 2019

Hi team, just wanted to let you know how excited l am to have been introduced to the Healthy Weight For Life program. l have found it to be an enormous help with joint pain and well being. My weight loss has amazed me at 71years old l didn't think l would be able to lose the amount of weight (19.5kg) in such a short period of time. l have enjoyed the diet and actually looked forward to the shakes and soups. l have to thank the team for the support you have all given me along the way, every time l needed to contact you by phone l always encountered a friendly person without exception. Thank you again you have changed my life.

Pam at week 18 - June 2019

I am very pleased with this program. I have truly learned a lot. I am so much more aware of what I eat, where I eat, what to choose. I am feeling so much more healthy having the weight off. My Asthma has improved. My Health overall has improved. I tried to carry the weight I was carrying and could not do it. What a strain on the body. I am quite determined to keep it off.

Linda at week 19 - June 2019

It has been an amazing ride indeed, l have learnt how to eat properly by making better choices in food.  I’ve learnt portion sizes better, have more of an understanding of the importance of exercise.
I would like to extend a warm thank you to all of the team for cheering me on and playing a supportive role in all of the program. 
I have been a yo-yo dieter all my life but never have l enjoyed and stayed focused on my weight loss like this before!... 
Big thank you all around, because if it wasn't for this program, l would be in a lot of pain and still walking around with all that extra weight.

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